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Wire cutting is also known as wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), is used to cut some mold parts(like sliders, lifter, plate, etc) or geometry. it is manufacturing process of cutting conductive material with a programmed cut path, which a wire electrode travels on the work-piece(mold steel), the diameter of electrode wire is as thinner as 0.1mm~0.3mm.

During the wire EDM machining process, the machine releases an electrical discharge between the wire electrode and the work piece(mold steel), which helps material removes from work piece to obtain desired geometry. Since there is a electrical voltage working the work piece, there will always generates some spark between wire electrode and work piece., To stop the spark, a non-conductive fluid is also needed in the process.

According to different work speed, we can divide wire EDM machining into fast wire EDM machining and slow wire EDM machining.

Normally we use fast wire EDM machining for the outer shape of slider, lifer, ejection pin plate, as it gives higher work efficiency while meeting our dimension requirement, and we use slow wire EDM machining for some inner part geometry like holes, windows, cutout, etc. because slow wire EDM machining offer highly accurate and better physical appearance.

What’s the Difference Between Fast(Conventional) Wire EDM and Slow Wire EDM Machining?

1. Different Working Speed

As we know, the definition of fast wire EDM and slow wire EDM machining are based on different working speed.

The speed of fast wire EDM machining is 300-700m/min, however the speed of slow wire EDM machining is as slower as 3-15m/min. That’s also being said, if we use different type of wire EDM process, the fast wire EDM will have a short lead-time.


2. Different Cutting Wire

A fast wire EDM machine uses Molybdenum wire with diameter of 0.10~0.20mm. and the wire is recyclable to use for lots of time.

But a slow wire EDM machines requires to use copper wire with much thinner wire diameter of 0.03-0.035mm, and its wire can only used for one time.


3. Different Working Fluid

Since the quality requirements of fast wire EDM machining is not as stricter as slow wire EDM. Emulsion is generally used as its working fluid.

But slow wire EDM requires more accurate result, which needs to use deionized water or kerosene, and it also needs to be equipped with a filtration system to continuously filter impurities in the working process.


4. Different Working Accuracy

Normally a fast wire EDM machining gives a manufacturing accuracy of ±0.015~0.02mm.Because the wire electrode of fast wire EDM is recyclable, the wire would wear out continuously.

However a slow wire EDM machining delivers a manufacturing accuracy of ±0.002mm


5. Different Cost

Relatively to say, the slow wire EDM machines itself is about 5~10 times expensive than a fast wire EDM machine. and the manufacturing time of slow wire EDM is also much longer than fast wire EDM process. Therefore you can see the total cost of slow wire EDM is much expensive.

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