Printer Cover

Printer Cover

Application: Industrial Products

Part Name: Printer Cover

Part Material: PC+ABS(Black)

Part Dimension: 345* 95*11mm

Part Weight: 180 Gram

Color: Black

Finish: Satin Texture

Injection Molding Cost: $0.85

Mold Tooling Cost: $3,900(Medium Complexity)


Project Introduction:

Since 2001, we had become one of major plastic injection parts supplier of Brother and HP. However it’s not a easy job to provide quality plastic parts for those clients. Because in the printer industry. dimension control become our biggest challenge. Most of our molded parts have to follow a tight tolerance as 0.02~0.05mm. especially for shape and position tolerance, (Like concentricity, perpendicularity, run-out).

To meet the quality criteria, we embedded our quality plan, time-line, and cost plan from mold design and manufacturing. We take serious consideration to prevent molded part from shrinkage, deformation, and welding line . This is the first step to control our product quality. All of mold cores are made of high quality steel(S136, NAK80, 2344, etc).

After mold trial, we will have serious part qualification plan to evaluate our product. A detailed FA reports will include part dimension, appearance, fitting and function test. This is the most comprehensive evaluation process to check out our molded products.