Plastic Mold for Europe Market

Plastic Mold for Europe Market

As a professional plastic mould manufacturer in Shenzhen China. we make plastic mould for Europe and US clients every month. We deeply understand how our clients expect their molds to be manufactured at quality, cost, and timing requests. Here below are some of experience how an exporting molds to Europe should be made:

Common European Mold Requirements:

  • High volume mold should reach 1,000,000~25,000,000 shots.
  • High quality mold steel with harden treatment(S136, NAK80, 2344…)
  • Quick Lead-time(25~25 days for most of molds)

European Mold Manufacturing Criteria:

1.  Using DME or Hasco mold base and accessories

2. Reasonable parting line design that should consider both manufacturing process and part cosmetic

3. Using M16 extraction bar instead of ejection screw.

4. High accurate milling process for mold core.

5. Mold core and cavity steel has to reach a mechanical strength of 2000 MPa/ ( HRC52~54 degree )

6. Mold cooling system must be complete individual for each cavity

7. Mold rework by using welding process is not allowed

8. Strong wooden box for mold packaging