Plastic Injection Mould

Plastic Injection Mould

What is Plastic Injection Mold?

Plastic injection mould is a steel tool, mainly consists of cavity and core side, which used to produce plastic parts by plastic molding process. It’s most widely used in the manufacturing industry, nearly every products need a plastic mold tool.

Plastic Mold Structure

  • Mold Cavity and Core
  • Mold Base
  • Parting Line
  • Injection Gate and runner
  • Ejection System
  • Cooling System

Common Mold Design Process

1. Define mold layout and number of cavity

2. Define the parting line

3. Design the gate system(like gate position, gate type, and gate size)

4. Define the ejection system(like ejection type, position, and size)

5. Design a proper draft angle

6. Check out the shrinkage issue, and see if there is any uneven thickness of wall.

7. Predict and avoid any deformation issue to happen

8. Finish 3D mold drawing

9. Finish 2D mold drawing for mold making


Plastic Mold Manufacturing Process

  1. Order mold steel and mold base from qualified supplier
  2. CNC rough machining
  3. Heat Treatment
  4. Wire cutting for linear or cycle shapes.
  5. CNC Precision machining
  6. EDM process
  7. Mold Polish
  8. Mold fitting and assembly
  9. Mold trial
  10. Mold Improvement