Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection Mold

Application: Diverse Industries

Mold Cost: $1,500~$5500(Depends on complexity of a mold)

Lead-time: 15~45 days(Depends on complexity of a mold)

Part Material: ABS, PC, PA6, PA66, POM, PE, PP, PMMA, PS, PSU, TPU, TPE., PVC, etc.

Mold Core Steel: S136, NAK80, 2344, 718H, H13, 2311, P20, 2767 , 2378, etc.

Mold Base Supplier: EMP, Hasco, Futaba, DME, LKM

Hot Runner Supplier: Hasco, DME, Yudo, Mould Master, Husky

Texture Standard: Yick Sang, VDI 3400, Mold-tech, Tanazawa

Slider & Lifter: Depends on mold structure

Our Mold Making Capabilities:

Mold Making Experience: 20 years

Industry We worked for: Automotive, Medical, Home Appliance, Consumer Products, Electronics.

Different Types of Mold We Made: One-color mold, double-color mould, rotative mold, over-molding mold, hot runner mold

Mold Making Machines: 8 CNC machines, 5 mirror EDM machines, 10 normal EDM machines, 3 slow-wire cutting machines, 12 grinding machine. 1 CMM Inspection Machine

Number of Mold Makers: 10 Master-makers, 15 Technicians

Number of Mold Designers: 8 People

Our Mold Making Process:

1. Part DFM and Mold Design

2. Mold Based and Steel Sourcing

3. CNC Rough Machining

4. Heat-treatment

5. Wire-cutting & EDM

6. Polish

7. Mold Fitting

8. Mold Trial and Improvement