Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Usage: Consumer Electronics

Part Material: ABS+Aluminum

Part Dimension: 35*30*500mm

Part Weight: 1.1 KG

Injection Molding Cost: $0.25

Total Unit Cost: $1.3

Mold Making Cost: $3,100(Simple Mould)

Mold Tool Steel: 718H

Mold Base: LKM(China Standard)

Project Introduction:

Since we are more than just a plastic injection mold making company, but with strong engineering team to cater clients who need product design and development service. In 2016, a Canadian clients asked us to design this phone holder that used at home and some public area. It took us 4 months from design to manufacturing.

As we need a group of engineers to work for this project, we charged clients $5,000 for development cost at the begin. However we fully refunded it to our clients while he put his first manufacturing order to us. Actually we developed this project for free.