Injection Molding Tube

Injection Molding Tube

Application: Industrial Products

Part Name: Injection Molding Tube

Part Material: PA6(Black)

Part Dimension: 285(diameter)* 535mm

Part Weight: 130 Gram

Color: Black

Finish: Textured

Injection Molding Cost: $0.70

Mold Tooling Cost: $3,200(Medium Complexity)


Project Introduction:

As a professional injection molding manufacturer, we helped a UK client to produce this injection tube in 2006. We worked through from part DFM, mold making, and injection molded parts. By using the most advanced injection molding design software(moldflow), we optimized the parts to improve the molding process while not sacrificing part function and performance.

The biggest challenge of this injection mold is about the interior mold core. since there are two different movement sliders in the core side. We must keep these two sliders move and fit accordingly. If we can’t keep those two sliders perpendicular  when fitting. Considering for high volume production, we used a high quality steel for mold making(S136 tempered with HRC52). It can guarantee at least 1,000,000~3,000,000 of mold life-time.

To obtain a better appearance parts, we convinced our clients to use hot runner for this product. It greatly shorten the cycle of injection molding process, as well avoided the waste of the injection gate material. Up to now, we have successfully produced over 800,000 pcs of this tube in according with customer’s quality criteria.