Application: Home Appliance

Total Parts: 19 pcs

Machine Dimension: 650* 850*700mm

Finish: Matt Texture

Injection Molding Cost: $15.0

Total Mold Tooling Cost: $45,000(15 Molds)


Project Introduction:

In 2014, one of our plastic injection molding customer asked us to custom make this incubator. The manufacturing service includes both mechanical and electronic parts. (from injection mold making, metal parts fabrication, PCBA, to full product assembly).

At the early stage of this project, the clients had lots of problem on their mechanical design. This was why we had to start the project from product design and engineering process. Our engineers worked from DFM, re-modelling, tolerance definition, material choosing, part assembly simulation, injection molding optimization, etc.

It took us 3 months to finish the design optimization and plastic mold making. Finally we shipped the best optimized products to our clients. They felt very happy with our service.