High Volume Plastic Mould

High Volume Plastic Mould

High volume plastic mould means high injection molding shot from 500,000 parts/year to 1,000,000+, it requires a durable mold-life for at least 1,000,000~2,000,000 shots. Since a normal mold can not withstand for such a big amount of volume. So we need special design and manufacturing process for it. Here below are some basic tips how to achieve a high volume plastic injection mould:

1. Design As More Cavity As Possible:

As we know, more cavity in a mold means more parts will be produced in a cycle time. For a normal mold design, we might design a mold as 1~4 cavities. However, for a high volume mold tool, to cater our manufacturing quantity, we must design a mold for 8~32 shots. In this way, we can get ,much more parts when one mold shot even though our total mold-life is the same.

2. Using High Quality Steel With Hardened Steel

There are lots of different level of mold steel with different interior structure and hardness, which will definitely work for different mold-life. (For example, S136, NAK80, STD 61 are high quality steel, and P20, 2344, H13 are worse quality mold). Meanwhile the hardness of  normal mold steel is about HRC42°~45°, if we want a high volume mold, we should temper the hardness of steel to HRC48°~52°.

3. Design the Mold With Hot-runners

Hot runner can give quicker injection cycle time since it doesn’t have a injection gate to remove. It also save lots of material compared to normal runner mold. Therefore it’s strongly recommended to use hot runner if our manufacturing quantity is large.