Automotive Console

Automotive Console


Industry: Automotive

Part Material: ABS+PC(Black)

Part Dimension: 435*255*90mm

Part Weight: 265 Gram

Injection Molding Cost: $1.54

Mold Making Cost: $6500(Hot Runner Mould)

Injection Mold Steel: S136 Tempered

Mold Base: DME

Hot Runner Supplier: Mould Master


Project Introduction:

As we know, automotive parts require high precision in dimension and good looking in appearance. Even thought we are not a big automotive mold maker, however we accumulated lots of project experience on making automotive molds.

Each good mould starts from professional mold design, before our mold design, our experienced mold design team collected customer requirement, analyzed the potential failure factors. We sent our 3D mold design drawing and DFM report to clients for review.

To produce a better injection molded parts, we need to improve some of the part structure that did not affect part function and appearance. After the final design is approved by clients, we started to make the mold.

It took 35 days to get this mould ready for T0 trial. The client was happy to see our T0 sample when delivery it for customer review. Since we made accurate dimension and perfect appearance. This is why we are confident to challenge any type of plastic injection molding project.