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High Quality Plastic Products Manufacturing Service

Inno molding is a professional plastic parts & products manufacturer in ShenZhen China. We offer high quality custom plastic products manufacturing service for global clients in application of automotive, medical, home appliance, electronics, and industrial products.

Our factory is located in Baoan ShenZhen, with very convenient transportation from Shenzhen air port to our factory, it covers about 2,000 s/m of facility,  Inno molding was certificated with ISO9001-2018 and TS16949 quality system, providing high quality plastic parts service for over 20 years. At present, we have 25 plastic injection machines from 80 to 450 ton clamping, All of our injection machines are brand new and brought from top brand injection machine companies, and they are workable for plastic parts & products from 0.5 gram to 2.5KG with precision dimension and aesthetic appearance.

With over 20 years of plastic products manufacturing experience, we are capable of working with some precision plastic parts with tight tolerances, beautiful appearance,  and muti-molding process.

picture of our injection molding shop

Automatic Plastic Parts Production

We  have 25 brand-new injection machines, ranging from 120T to 450 T, and fully equipped with robotic automation injection process.

Our IPQC monitors and checks our injection molded products every two hours, and get them full inspected before packaging.

Our Capabilities:

  • One Color Injection Molding
  • Two Color Injection Molding
  • Over-molding
  • Insert-molding

Secondary Process:

  • Printing
  • Pad-painting
  • Electro-plating
  • Contract Assembly

Value Added Services:

  • Free DFM and Engineering Support
  • Free Mold Modification & Maintenance
  • Tight Tolerance +/-0.01
  • Global Logistic Service

How’s our Production and Project Management?

The management of plastic products production is a very important process. A good production management could deliver high quality, low cost, and high efficient production. If not, it could result in customer complaints and goods rejection. This is why we emphasize our contribution on it, we provide continues training plan for our production management team and enhance their comprehensive knowledge and capability on engineering, injection machine, material, mold tooling, and process management.

Reasonable Machine and Equipment Arrangement

At Inno molding, we have 25 plastic injection machines ranging from 80 to 450 t. To get our machine full running without waste, we plan, schedule, and arrange our production orders reasonably, and try to avoid unnecessary injection machine swap while molding production.


Material is one of the key element to affect our production. We have individual material management procedure to restore and manage our raw material, color powder, waste material. Ensuring they would not be mixed and misused. On other hand, we carry out systematic material knowledge training for our staff as well as workers.


Our plastic products manufacturing shop are well grouped with production managers, engineers, technicians, and workers. Each staff has strong capability and experience, which has been assigned to individual responsibility as well.

To meet and exceed our customer expectation, we contract with our staff with particular project target, if they can reach our target, they will get extra bonus, if not, they will be punished as they promised terms. In this way, we can improve a lot on project lead-time, quality, and cost.


A good process management include production material, equipment, mold tooling, quality control, packaging. Our experienced production manager plan and balance all of them reasonably and efficiently. Here below is a checklist how we perform them in details:

  • Distinguish and label out the condition of equipment, machine, material, finished goods, raw material, injection gate material, etc.
  • Release work instruction, reference sample, and production specification prior to any formal production.
  • Process inspection for each 2-hour.
  • Regular calibration for all of inspection tools and equipment.
  • Regular maintenance for equipment, mold tooling, and fixtures.

Mold Tooling

Injection mold is the most important factor to produce plastic parts. The condition of the mold directly affects the quality of the product and production efficiency. A better quality of injection mold tooling definitely produce higher quality plastic parts.

To make the production smooth, we design, manufacture, and maintain our molds in house. We use top mold steel/accessories supplier like DEM, Hasco, EMP, Mould Master. All of our molds can last at least 500,000~1,500,000 shots.

During the plastic manufacturing process, if any mold issue, we can fix them very quickly since we have our own mold tooling shop.

Project Management

Project management is a critical process to keep each our orders run smoothly and efficiently. Our sophisticated project managers, project engineers, and production managers manage our projects on track and on budget. and make sure all of our projects meet and exceed customer’s expectation.

Normally our weekly project update will be sent to clients for review. If any critical project, we will hold instant communication channel for a clear communication . So that our clients  can track their project any time.

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Six Reasons to Choose Our Plastic Manufacturing Service:

1. High Quality Injection Parts With Competitive Price

We are high professional plastic products manufacturer in Shenzhen China, and we provide high quality and competitive cost of plastic products service to global clients. We perform scientific factory management method and make our running cost as less as possible, which makes us competitive in the market and our clients will benefits from our low cost manufacturing system, normally our offer is 15%~20% cheaper than other Chinese injection molding companies, and 30%~40% cheaper than US and Europe plastic molding manufacturers.

2. On-site Mold Making

Since we have our own mold making shop, we make all of our mold tooling in-house, which enables what we made is exactly what our clients need. Meanwhile it is convenient for mold trial, troubleshooting, and engineering mold changes as well.

3. Free DFM and Design Support

Prior to a project kicking-off, our experienced molding expert will work closely with our clients to analyze their product structure, fitting, and assembly. We will deeply understand where is the appearance surface, which structure has fitting requirements, how the total product should be assembled. If needed, we will advise clients to optimize product design. For example, Thickness of wall, reasonable draft, strengthening the mold structure, etc.

4. Free Mold Modifications

For many reasons, there is a necessary to modify mold tooling even thought the mold making is finished or a production runs smoothly. In this case, we do free mold modification for them, instead of charging lots of money while you working with others.

5. Quality-oriented Manufacturing System

Inno molding is based on Shenzhen China where high quality products and innovation happens. Our company past ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system, we plan and control product quality throughout each of our order. Ensure our clients will receive quality products from us.    

 6. On time Delivery

We understand the lead-time is one of the most important factor for any business. Upon receiving a order from our clients, our production manager will plan and arrange a detail production schedule for target timing, certainly we will leave 1~3 days for buffer in case any of unexpected matters. For over 20 years experience, we keep a 95% on time delivery rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Plastic Parts Do you Make?

We make one color/two color parts, overmolding parts, insert molding plastic parts.

What Kind of Plastic Material Do You Work for?

We work for ABS, PC, PS, PP, POM, PA, PSU, TPE, TPU, PMMA, etc.

Does Your Company Make Mold Tools In-house or Outsource Mold Making?

Our have our own mold tooling shop. We make all of our mold tools in house.

Does Your Company Provide Engineering and Prototyping Services?

Yes, we have strong product design and development team to help those clients who look for product design and engineering services.

We can design, prototype, and manufacture full of your products.

How to Start Working with Your Company?

  1. Please contact our sales person by email, phone, or skype.
  2. Send us your 3D drawing, order quantity, material, and other specification for a cost evaluation.
  3. If our offer is acceptable, you can place us an order to initiate our cooperation.
  4. When the mold making is finished, we will send sample for review and approve for production.
  5. We ship the goods according your requirements by air or ocean.

Looking for a Reliable Plastic Products Manufacturer?

We are different from other plastic products manufacturers, we guarantee you will receive the best quality products, as we have rich experience in both plastic parts manufacturing technique and product design, we know the whole process!

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