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About Us

Inno molding, founded in 1996, is a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We provide custom plastic injection molding, mold tool making, and product development service in application of automotive, medical, consumer electronic, home appliance, and industrial products.

We are ISO9001-2018 and TS16949 certificated company, coverings about 2,000 square meter of work site, and grouped with over 80 people of mold making team and 35 people of injection molding facility. To cater some of our clients who need one stop product development and manufacturing service, we hired most sophisticated engineering team that enables us to provide turnkey product design and engineering, prototyping, mold tooling, injection molding, and contract assembly services. This is how we are capable of one stop custom plastic molding and product development service.

Our Equipment

As we know, machine and people are the two most important elements to effects a product quality. Using advanced and new machines for our process is our top priority. Up to now, we have invested over 8 million RBM(about USD $1.3 million) on our manufacturing machines. Here below is our machine list:

  • CNC Machines: 8 sets
  • Normal EDM: 10 sets
  • Mirror EDM:  5 sets
  • Slow Wire-cutting Machine: 3 sets
  • Milling Machine: 12 sets
  • Grinding Machine:15 sets
  • Injection Machine: 25 sets
  • CMM: 2 Sets
image of mold equipment
image of our team

Our Team

Strong team is the most important concerns at Inno molding, we hired sophisticated mold makers and engineering team for our mold shop. Because we believe knowledge and experience are the most quickest ways to make project run smoothly. It also a good strategy to avoid project risk.

Our team consists of 25 mold makers, 30 injection molding opeators, 15 product design engineers, and another 10 people of project management and system running team. All of them have at least 15 years of experience at plastic injection molding and product development industry. 40% of them had long work experience at some big companies before.

Our team has committed themselves to continuously improving both personal capability and company performance. We have systematic training plan for our employees, which makes them to create company value and realize person goals. This is why we made a company culture as “Customer First, Employee second”.

Mission Statement

Inno molding is committed to providing first-class of plastic injection molding and product development service, our mission is to help worldwide small and medium size companies, as well as some of established-brand companies to build them business consistently and continuously.

We take our mission not only to manufacture high quality products with cost-saving and time-saving service, in additional, we use all of our resource to help clients build competition in the market by creating innovative products.

our mission

Is Your Project Ready for Plastic Injection Molding Process?

We are different from other injection molding manufacturers, we guarantee you will receive the best quality products, as we have rich experience in both plastic injection molding technique and product design and manufacturing, we know the whole process!

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