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After we finished a new mold making or having an old mould modified, we must perform a mould trial process to check out if our mould tool can be used for injection molding production steadily and accurately.


Our injection molding shop is available for injection machines tonnage ranging from 50T to 450T, which allows us to test all of our mould tooling in house. In case there is any bigger mold that we can not test at our factory, we will work with our local professional mold test supplier.


Since we have our own injection molding shop, most of plastic resin are in stock. If any special material needed, we will out-source few days before our mold trail. We use the same plastic material and same color as our mass production required. In this condition, we can exactly check mold situation and find out any injection defects that we can troubleshoot after mold trial.


After mold trial, we provide detail mold trial report and ship the tested samples to clients for review.

Our Mould Trial Process

The product quality of injection molding mainly determines by mold tool, injection molding machine, injection molding parameter, and product design itself. In order to ensure our production running smoothly, we need to have a mold trail, which helps us to evaluate mold situation physically. Based on mold trail sample, we can optimize our mold tool, adjust injection molding parameter, as well as improve product structure. Here below is our mold trail process:

1. Knowing More About the Mold and Product

Prior to a mold trail, the first thing is to learn everything about the mold tool, as well as the injection molded products. Otherwise we could not identify the mold problem as expected.

When our mold test staff take a mold trial task to mold making department, the test staff will work closely with mold makers and mold designers to learn everything about the mold, ensuring we completely understand mold size, mold layout, number of cavity, slider movement, lifter movement, product structure, product material, and dimension requirement, etc.

2. Preparation of Mold, Injection Material, and Machine

Once we determined to process a mold trail, we need to get the mold tool fully assembled, and move it to injection molding shop, where the mould tooling would be tested.

Meanwhile we must get right plastic resin and color powder mixed evenly. Before we using the material, it takes about 2~4 hours of baking process in order to pre-heat the injection material.

On the other hand, it’s time to switch on injection machine and increase the temperature of injection machine in advance.

3. Mold Clamping and Material Input

By using a crane, our injection molding technician upload the mold onto injection machine. And clamp it first, and align with the locating ring of mold tool to the central hole of injection nozzle, fasten the front side of mold tool with screws. Then fasten the back side of mold on the other side of injection machine. Making sure the mold tool is steadily mounted on injection machine.

After that, we need to connect the cooling tube with related liquid channel(hot water, cool water, or oil).

It’s time to get the baked(Pre-heated) material into the hopper of injection machine, where a material supply section when injection molding process.

4. Injection Molding Test

Just checking the temperature of injection machine, if it meets a certain temperature of our requirement(Different resin has different molten temperature), we can start to set up our injection molding parameter.

Generally, when we make an injection shot, we start from less short(60%,70%,80%…) to full short, and with lower injection pressure to a higher pressure, until we get full workable product.

During this process, it takes numerous adjustment on injection time, pressure, and speed. Finally formulate the most optimized injection molding data(it should be recorded for production reference).

5. Trial Sample Inspection

When we got the tested samples, our on-site QC would check the product quality immediately. A comprehensive sample inspection will be performed. Our QC staff inspects the samples from physical appearance, dimensional measurement, and fitting test. In this way, we can easily find out mold imperfection as well as product defects.  

A 5~20 pcs of T0 sample(first mold trial) and inspection report will be sent to customer for review. So that our customer can take the sample for fitting test and function evaluation. If any improvement needed, we can get customer feedback timely.

At the same time, our internal team would self-assess the mold imperfection and take amendment action immediately.

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Our Mold Checklist

When we perform a mold trail, our mould QC will carry out systematic mold quality inspection. Some of main check points can be summerized as blow:

  1. Check if all of mold plate, core, cavity, sleeve, pin, spring, O-ring are fully assembled.Mold-Checklist
  2. Check if all mold plates fastened tightly with screws.
  3. Check if the parting surface fits properly?
  4. Check if all of sliders move forth-and-back smoothly.
  5. Check if all sliders are lubricated enough
  6. Check if all of lifters move forth-and-back smoothly.
  7. Check if all lifters are lubricated enough
  8. Check if ejection pins have enough movement stroke.
  9. Check if the returning plate of ejection system move forth-and-back properly.
  10. Check if the venting slot is reasonable.
  11. Check if cavity number and part number are marked.
  12. Check if hydraulic cylinder works properly if have.
  13. Check if the cooling system works properly, any water leakage issue?
  14. Check if mold base is marked with mold number.

Mold Trail Sample Checklist

Our on-site project manager and QC staff follow up the whole mold trail process, and get the mold tested samples comprehensive inspected based on physical appearance, dimension, and fitting test. Here below is the main checklist: 

  1. Parts checklistCheck if the product is injected fully.
  2. Check all of product features and geometry are correctly manufactured.
  3. Check if the product color is correct
  4. Check if the product material is correct
  5. Check if the product is free from dirty, greese, and injection gate.
  6. Check if the ejection pin marks of product is lower than 0.1mm?
  7. Check if the product has any deformation defect?
  8. Check if the product has any injection flash?
  9. Check if the product has any sink marks?
  10. Check if the product has any injection flowing marks?
  11. Check if the product has any welding marks?
  12. Measure part size, critical dimension, and control dimension
  13. Try to fit part with other components to see if it can be assembled properly.

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