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Precision Injection Mould Making With Competitive Price

Inno molding was founded in 1996,  a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China.

We provide both export mould(clients need the molds only) and production mould(the mold leaves at our factory for injection molding production) services to worldwide clients. Up to now, we have served 120 clients from 25 countries in the world.

As a professional mould manufacturer, we always keep durable mould life as 1,000,000~1,5000,000 shots. Most of mould price ranges $1,500~$3,500 with short lead-time of 15~20 days.

Inno molding is an ISO9001-2018 qualified injection moulding company, making diverse kind of plastic injection mould in application of automotive, medical and beauty products, consumer, and industrial products.

Our factory located at Baoan ShenZhen, with very convenient transportation from Shenzhen air port to our factory, it covers about 2,000 s/m of facility. At present, we have 50 sophisticated mold makers, 15 engineers, 10 management staff.

With over 20 years of injection molding experience, we are capable of working with some precision injection parts with tight tolerances, beautiful appearance,  and muti-molding process.

image of our mold making process

Our Mold Making Capabilities:

  • Normal One Color Mold
  • Two-Color Mold
  • Over-molding Mold
  • Insert-molding Mold

Mold Standard We Work:

  • DME
  • Hasco
  • EMP
  • LKM

Mould Steel We Use:

  • S136
  • NAK80
  • SKD61
  • 718H
  • 2344

Hot Runner Supplier:

  • Hasco
  • DME
  • Mouldmaster
  • Yudoo
  • Incoe

Watch Our Precision Mould Making Equipment

At present, we have 8 CNC machines, 15 EDM machines(5 mirror EDM machines and 10 are normal EDM machines), 3 slow-wire cutting machines, and 12 grinding machine. 1 CMM Inspection Machine. They are exported Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

If you are interested to know our mold making capability, you can watch some of our machine video as below.

On-line Review of Our Mold Making Process

We work through from mold design to final mold completion in-house, which enables us to control mold quality and timing completely.

If you want to know how we make injection mold for each process, you can watch our short work video below.

(CNC Machining)

(EDM Copper Machining)

(Normal Wire Cutting)

(Process Measuring)

(EDM Process)

(Precision Wire Cutting)


(Mold Polish)

(Assembly and Fitting)

How Do We Manage Our Mold Making Quality?

1. Scientific & Sophisticated Part DFM and Mold Design

Prior to a project kicking-off, our experienced molding expert will work closely with our clients to analyze their product structure, fitting, and assembly. We deeply understand where is the appearance surface, which structure has fitting requirements, how the total product should be assembled.

Meanwhile our engineering team will have conference to check out if our mold design is reasonable and best optimized. This is to proactively prevent any mistake or unexpected faults to happen.

2. We work with first-class of mold base/accessories manufacturers

Since the high quality manufacturers have better system and manufacturing equipment. They can provide stable quality mold products. It is our quality assurance policy  to work with those big mold accessories supply at Inno molding. We normally work with DME, Hasco, Mouldmaster, Yudo, LKM, EMP…etc

3. We use CAE/CAM manufacturing system, instead of manual control.

we modularized a machine-controlled mold making process,  most of mold making process would be done by machine. And finally the mold maker just need to assembly molds easily, it can greatly avoid human faulty during the whole process.

4. All of Mold Parts and Accessories Are Inspected Before Mold Assembly

We check out all of EDM coppers, mold cores, sliders, and other mold parts by CMM and projector. It can effectively avoid any mistake or inaccurate work during the process.

5. Mold Trial Report and Parts Qualification

While mold trial process, our QC will follow-up to check out if our mold is correctly and accurately produced. A mold trial to include part features, dimensions, appearance, and fitting. Meanwhile, we will make a parts qualification report by SPC and PPAP inspection

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If you have less background on plastic injection mold technology, we have full knowledge about it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Working with Your Company?

  1. Please contact our sales person by email, phone, or skype.
  2. Send us your 3D drawing, order quantity, material, and other specification for a cost evaluation.
  3. If our offer is acceptable, you can place us an order to initiate our cooperation.
  4. When the mold making is finished, we will send sample for review and approve for production.
  5. We ship the goods according your requirements by air or ocean.

How Do I Know My Mold and Plastic Parts Price?

It’s a good question. but it’s also hard to answer. Since our clients might request quite different from order quantity, custom specification, color, material, and durability.

However we can give you a rough range for normal injection mold cost, it is about $1,500~4,500(if a high complexity mold, the price will be definitely higher).

For an injection molding parts, the price might vary a lot from different material and different manufacturing quality. If you are ready to start your project, you can contact our sales person for a instant cost evaluation.

What is the timing for Mold Making & injection Parts?

Normally it takes about 20~35 days for a normal mold making(less complexity mold), it means you can get a first mold trial parts(T0) about 30 days. And it takes another few days for mold improvement and T1 mold trial. If everything run smoothly, you can get the mold on injection production quickly.

However for some complicated mold, the lead-time might be longer(for example, automotive mold, high precision mold). Meanwhile, if a mold is already finished, and you still want to change your product design, in this case, it might takes time for mold modification.

What Kind of Mold Steel and Plastic Material Do You Work for?

For mold steel, we use S136, NAK80, 718H, H13, P20, 718, 8407, 2344 , etc.

For plastic parts, we work for ABS, PC, PS, PP, POM, PA, PSU, TPE, TPU, PMMA, etc.

Do you Have Any Experience on Working With International Clients?

Yes, we have worked with over 200 clients from over 80 countries worldwide. Most of them are from Europe and US.

Our international team speaks good English with strong engineering background. So we will have no any barrier to work with our clients.

How Do You Ship the Mold & Plastic Parts to Clients?

It depends on customer’s requirements, if the timing is very rush, we might ship it by air(DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex…).

But for mass products, we ship it by ocean(it takes about 25 days from China to Europe/US).

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