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CNC machining is known as computer numerical control manufacturing , a very useful manufacturing process in the injection mould making process. We use CNC machining to manufacture mold core, mold cavity, and other mold components. In today’s mold making technology, no mold can be manufactured without a CNC machining process.

A CNC machining uses a pre-programmed computer software to dictate the movement of the machine. As CNC machining offers accurate, high efficiency, and labor-saving, this is why it’s widely used to make mold tool for nearly 100 years.

In order to deliver a better machining result, we imported most advanced high speed of 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines from Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. At present, we have 5 sets of ordinate CNC, 3 sets of 4-axis CNC, and 1 set of 5-axis CNC.

Our CNC programming and operation staff are professional trained with over 15 years of solid experience. We will choose proper machining tool, reasonable working routine, and appropriate speed. Ensuring the machined mold parts will be accurate, smooth, and neat.

What We Do with CNC Machining?

CNC machining plays an very important roles when injection mold making process, it directly determines the mold making cost, quality, and lead-time. However most of us do not know what CNC machining works for when an injection mold making. Therefore we will introduce our CNC machining work as below.

EDM Electrode

copper electronodeAs we know, EDM is a well-known manufacturing process to obtain desired shape by using electrical discharges to remove material from work piece. However the discharges requires a high electric voltage, workpiece-electrode(made of copper), and steel piece. This is why we need to machine a workpiece-electrode first.

After mold design is finalized, our CNC programming staff will need to specially design an electrode piece that used for EDM process, which can be worked to obtain holes, ribs, cutouts, pillars, etc. Each of those features requires to use two different electrodes, one is for rough EDM electrode that keep 0.02~0.05mm remains based on exact mold dimension, the other one is accurate electrode with same dimension of mold tool.


Mold Base

mold baseAll of mold manufacturers have to outsource mold steel and mold base, however a direct outsourcing mold base does not include mold locating features on the four corners, as well recessed slots for core and cavity block. So when we received mold base from our mold base supplier, we will have to use CNC reworking it immediately.


Mold Cavity & Core

mold coreMold cavity and core are the most key components of a mold tool, because they are used to form a product shape. When we received mold steel from our supplier, our CNC department will arrange a CNC milling process immediately. The first thing is to have a CNC programmer which guide the manufacturing process automatically. For different mold quality requirements, our CNC operators will choose proper CNC machines as it will deliver different manufacturing result. Basically, we use high speed CNC machine for export mold, and use medium speed CNC machine for production mold.


Slider & Lifter

mold slidersMost of slider and lifter should be manufactured by wire cutting machine, however the forming surface of slider and lifter must be machined by CNC or EDM process. If any EDM process needed, we will keep 0.2~0.5mm remain on the work piece. Compared to mold cavity and core, it takes much less time to manufacture slider and lifter.


Logo & Text

mold engravingYou might notify some plastic parts come with logo or text injection molded, which was designed by injection mold itself. So during the CNC machining process, we will use a CNC engrave machine to achieve them.  Most of time, we prefer to make a small insert with logo or text and fit into mold cavity or core, in this way, it’s much easier for repair or interchangeable work.


Examples of CNC Machining Time and Cost

Most of mold making companies would not provide cost breakdown when they quoted to clients. This is why many customers don’t know if their offers are reasonable or not. Here below are some typical examples to show the time and cost of CNC machining process while mold making.

image of Automotive Console

Parts Name: Bottom Cover

Application: Home Appliance

Parts Size: 80*80*210mm

Mold Complexity: Simple

CNC Working Job: Mold Core, Mold Base

Approximate CNC Machining Time: 8 Hours

Approximate CNC Machining Cost: US $75

small image of Main housing

Parts Name: Console

Application: Customer Electronics

Parts Size: 230*95*80mm

Mold Complexity: Medium

CNC Working Job: EDM Copper, Mold Core, Mold Base

Approximate CNC Machining Time: 26 Hours

Approximate CNC Machining Cost: US $230

the picture of Printer Cover

Parts Name: Transfer Door

Application: Printer

Parts Size: 280*110*90mm

Mold Complexity: High Complex

CNC Working Job: Slider, Lifter, EDM Copper, Mold Core, Mold Base

Approximate CNC Machining Time: 60 Hours

Approximate CNC Machining Cost: US $500

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